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I am new to this discussion board - just wanted to share my frustration at the amount of litter and fag butts accumulating on Newport Avenue and on the grass verge near East India station.  I have spoken to Tower Hamlets along with the fact that the budgens window has still not been fixed after months of the board going up.  The place is looking increasingly like a ghetto. I worry less about huge construction projects  like Crossrail and river crossings  - important though they are, and more about the small stuff like cleaner and safer streets that really affects quality of life and which can easily be recified.  Lets hope it gets sorted.

I am new as well. Picking up on the litter theme. I take daily walks around VQ, and the amount of litter around the monument,on Jamestown Way, on most mornings, has to be seen to be believed. This is mainly due to teenagers and youths drinking at night. If I see them I call the police. The police tell me if more people called them, they would respond quicker.
As the evenings get warmer, the problem will get worse. If any resident witnesses any anti-social behaviour of any kind, that includes litter and noise pollution, please call the police on 101, land line or mobile.
Lets keep VQ a safe, tidy and peaceful environment

Dear Virginia Quay Residents

      We trying our level best to keep the surroundings clean as much as possible. We have our staff member cleaning outside the store on both sides in early morning around at 6 am and in the evening around at 6pm. We have also noticed cleaners from one housing group cleaning near the residents in the Newport avenue. When we enquired, we found that they are suppose to clean the entire Virginia quay area as these are private roads belongs to Barrats. We have already reported but still the same. We would still chase it up and will continue doing our best to clean it tidy.
We would also request our local residents to help us out to keep it clean & tidy. Thank you.


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