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Someone else using my address


HI all, Just wanted to check if anyone else has recieved letters on someone's name but your address.
I think a person by name (apparently) Kasuni Hematilaka   is using my address..
I've been living at this address for the last 3 years and i know the tennant before me was someone called Julie Chabert.
So far I'd received
1)  1 Letter from a jeweler about a pricing for a diamond.    Oct - 2012
2) 1 Letter from BMW about a recent visit to their showroom.   dec 2012
3) online clothes shopping brochers.  - today

I've sent each of these to sender...

I am a little worried as i was wondering if this may progress to something else..

Any advice please ?

should i be worried ?

Peter De La Mare:
You may want to read up on the CIFAS organisation.  You can also place a CIFAS marker on your credit record to warn lenders that you may be at risk of identity theft.  They'll then perform more stringent checks before lending.


Yep - I've had someone borrow some money through Wonga using my address.  I opened the letter because the name looked unusual.  It wasn't a huge sum of money but hadn't been paid back and Wonga were chasing for payment.  I informed them to avoid any bailiffs coming round.

I was also the victim of ID fraud last year with a large chunk of money being stolen from my bank account after which I registered with CIFAS.  I'm not sure if this stops other people using your address though?

I don't think you should be worried as in it is not your name being used as long as you inform these companies straight away to avoid any misunderstanding over debt payments however it maybe suggests that someone does have access to your mail so be vigilant on your bank accounts.



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