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Hi, last night we had a meeting for the Explorers Court roof top to be developed into a roof top garden.
11 residents attended and Hemi Agbonai from Toynee / One Housing Group.
Catherine Olatunji, Barbara Lloyd Becky & Paul Lewis from  Toynbee / One Housing sent their various apologies.

What was discussed.
Do the residents (Those present & those who had emailed their support & Ideas) want the roof top developed for use at Explorers Court.

What do we want.
After much discussion it was decided to keep this stage of the process down to a managable size. It was decided to put some picnic tables & Chairs and some benches. Bolted to the floor and something with minimal maintenance. It was decided that although a fully fledged garden would be lovely, it would bring about so many issues it would hold up the process (Problems such as access to water, cost, sourcing plant boxes and plants, watering and/or irrigation systems, upkeep, resposibilty for design).

SO to get the ball rolling, we're looking for ideas on low maintenance tables chairs and benches which can be bolted to the floor. Possibly
4/5 tables with chairs and 5 benches. Opinions welcome. Choice of tables/chairs/hardware will determined by where we can source them and what funds we have.

One Housing group needs to repair the door on the south side of the rooftop and offer replacement fobs to residents who wish to access this (The programing on the fobs has changed to include this door but in order for your fob to open the door you need to replace your fob. Hemi suggested a meeting where he could bring replacement fobs to Explorers Court at an appointed time & residents can just exchange them there. I think Hemi would appreciate an email in advance from you if you would like to do this and telling him how many fobs you would like to exchange. He will arrange it & notify you of when this is going to happen.

Flat # 125
Taking special consideration with this apartment as it has windows and a balcony which is directly onto the roof top, and have had security problems and damage in the past. One Housing Group & the residents in Flat 125 are in direct communication and they have negotiated measures to improve their security and environment.
Residents who wish to use the roof top must use their discretion in being respectful to the privacy and security, especially to flat 125, and indeed all apartments who might suffer from 'roof abuse / roof rage'  (eg noise). There can be a list of rules of use at the entrance to the roof. The choice to use the roof top space means that you agree with these rules.

What are the possible problems
1. Potential Anti-social behavior : Can use the CCTV and Resident reporting (it was considered too expensive to change the security entrance system) 2. Clearing up after use : a notice by the doors listing rules of use
- This area is also covered by contract cleaners, and if the residents take the same responsibiliteis as they do with all other public areas of our building then the cleaners will do their job. NB. The cleaners are not employed to clean up the tables of left behind picnics and such. That is the individuals resposibility.
3. Noise and disturbances : notice by the door listing rules of use and possible resident reporting of witnessed situtaions using CCTV to back this up if necessary.

Notice of Rules by the door
This list wont be anything too scary, just basic repsect & responsiblility for your actions. List still to be decided, suggestions welcome. By agreeing to access the roof top, you agree to abide by these rules.

Where can we get the money
One Housing group  (Hemi says) has some funds put aside for this project from 2 years ago. He will look into it and get back to us with the amount. Depaending on how much money we need is how we will source it (Barbara Lloyd-Becky of One Housing Group can help us source community funds from local councils & organisations once we've decided what needs to be done & how much that is going to cost.

Hi there,

Sorry I missed this.  I am interested in the roof garden idea and will do some research on the sourcing of tables etc.  Could you update this post when we have a date for exchanging keyfobs as I would like to exchange mine!


Lewis  Flat 73

Hi everyone,
As a resident of explorers court I think that we need to think carefully before we try to use the roof space. we should really ensure that all leaseholders are consulted as a majority decision really needs to be made, especially if toynbee/ one housing put up some money. However if they can?t afford to replace the front door I think it highly unlikely that any money will ever be forthcoming.

Whilst I think the idea is great I think it is essential that we remember the previous problems we have had of youths gaining access to the roof space to launch missiles at the DLR. I would not be surprised if the tables and chairs would not remain bolted to the floor for long. Also the CCTV as we know is not recorded or monitored off site and is therefore fairly inadequate.

I'm happy to follow a majority decision but I?m personally against the idea.


Toynbee have informed us that they already have some funds which were ring-fenced a while ago for the roof garden.  We are waiting for confirmation of how much.  If we need any extra money then it will likely come from the council who can provide funding for community projects so there won't be any increase in service charge.

But yes we do need to get majority agreement from residents and everything needs to be bolted down.  We are going to sort out security as well so that fobs are required to access to roof but there is still the issue of anti social behavoiur and if this will be a problem.

Hi any news on this project?

The following companies do some nice enough looking stuff:
http://www.marshalls.co.uk/select/street-furniture/seating/picnic-tables/ollerton#photography - Yorkshire
http://www.citysquared.co.uk/seating.html - leeds
www.cis-streetfurniture.co.uk/products/seating/timber-and-steel-seating/ - Ashbourne (Derbyshire)
and especially for 'One' - http://www.barriersdirect.co.uk/categories/148-seating - Colchester


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