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Adjusting 2 way door hinges


Does anybody know how to adjust these door hinges that open in 2 directions? I saw the service man do it a long time ago but didnt take enough notice to do it my self. I just know that he said it was very easy and didnt need a service man to do it if you knew what you were doing. I've searched on the internet but I cant find anything. One of my Patio doors presently opens on one hinge when I try it on the second position (which is meant to tilt from the bottom, and open on top), which makes this very perilous for the 1 year old baby sitting beneath it! Can anyone advise?
Thank you

OK, that didnt work. Didnt get any replies.
Did anyone else have problems with their two way hinged balcony doors and do you know someone who can fix them. I have lost the contact details of the guy who did it and I cant find anyone to ask.

One of mine broke the same way yours did so we just resorted to using the other one instead!  Because of the way the wall is around the door I don't think the door can fall off even if the bottom hinge is leaning out and the top one is off completely.

Hi all, I have found a man who knows how to adjust and fix these doors / windows and he's a hell of alot cheaper than the one recommended by Barrets, so let me know if you want a phone number. Cheers


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