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Title: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: mrangry on September 18, 2021, 03:37:01 PM
I'm not entirely sure what P4 do apart from manufacture warning signs.
It's getting difficult / impossible to find a visitor space on Sunday as they are all occupied by security dog section and response vehicles. Also of course there is the man that occupies at least three visitor parking spaces that I'm aware of, now has a yellow highway maintenance / storage solution van as well as his long standing ownership of two ambulances one of which almost never moves and is a piece of junk. I'm a bit dubious of First Port's idea to issue full-time parking passes out for security, as they are being misused.
It's a bit odd that P4 targets nice easy targets in the occupiers car parks, but seems to ignore these flagrant breaches of parking regulations.
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: The Dome Ranger on October 01, 2021, 09:28:15 PM
Last weekend there were 5 Dog vans and 3 Ambulances, along with the smarter scrap vans, taking up spaces.
Occasionally you hear a dog, but have never seen one on patrol yet.

Meanwhile notices have gone up about new Entry Barrier rules, come in to force today.
The barriers at both ends, particularly John Smith Mews, have been a bit too flimsy over the years and always need repairing. A good few years ago they had rising bollards which were a disaster in terms of reliability.

It will be interesting if the new rules stick and make any difference.


Dear Residents,

Unfortunately, in last couple of months we noticed an increase of random cars coming into our Estate which also increased amount of the ASB which we are facing on daily basis and hugely compromise security aspect on our Estate.

To minimalize these situations, we would like to introduce few changes on our Estate starting as below:

- As from Friday, 1st of October, entrance barrier will be close between 5pm and 8am
- As from Friday, 8th of October, entrance barrier will be close all the times

Access to the Estate will be available only by presenting the fob on the reader or by calling Concierge Team. 
Please contact with our Customer Services on 0333 321 4080 if you require fob for the barrier.

- As from Friday, 8th of October, all visitors parking permits need to be requested in advance. Permits will be only issued for the cars registered within Concierge Team.

You can simply arrange parking permit for your visitors/ contractors by emailing Concierge Team: 

Below information?s will be requested to obtain parking permit: 
-    Full address of your properties
-    Name of visitor/ contractor
-    Reg number of the car
-    Duration of stay

Requests should be sent at least 1 hour before arrival.
Requests for the permits longer than 24h should be sent at least 72h in advance.

Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: mrangry on October 24, 2021, 05:08:49 PM
This new regime of keeping the barrier down seemed to be initially (2-3 days) making a discernible difference despite my scepticism, however of course market forces (or rather an old disposable banger) demolished the secondary barrier in an accident??? since then it's all been back to normal.
It would be a pleasant surprise to be corrected in my doubting of the accidental status of this barrier damage.
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: Fizz on October 24, 2021, 09:21:34 PM
It was some impressive driving to miss the barrier but take out the barrier mechanism.
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: Sausalito on October 25, 2021, 10:20:38 AM
Hi All,

Its been while since I have posted on the VQ forum! but I saw this posted and had to reply.

I emailed Gerald (Firstpost) end of last week, asking him about the security vehicles and patrol cars that have been left on VQ and not actively being used. This is on the back end of asking him whether EV charging points would be installed in VQ, this is happening in November! great news for VQ residences!!

I haven't received a response as yet. I ask the following questions.

- How many of these security/patrol vehicles are used to patrol the VQ development?

When there was one or two of the cars looking to be on patrol, the drivers are parted outside the porters lodge sitting in the car having lunch or about to use the cars to pick up their lunch!! It looks like these are 'shared community' cars, than actual patrol cars, please correct me if I am wrong.

- Are Firstport staff using these vehicles for personal use?

This whole security patrol car service is great in VQ, but the public perception of it adding any value with too many stationary vehicles taking up valuable parking space and not enough patrols, looks like a very expensive venture.

- Our VQ resident paying for these vehicles, i.e. fuel, insurance and road tax? i.e thru our service charges.

- Who is actually driving these vehicle, designated first port staff and/or external security personnel? if they aren't been driving and they aren't taxed then we can have them potential removed by Tower Hamlets.

I would encourage VQ resident to email Gerald let him know your thoughts and ask him to provide a response to the status security/patrol cars and what is happening.

Regards the Ambulances, I saw and 'heard' over the weekend, one of these so called Ambulances been dismantled from the inside! it was literally been used a some sort of mobile storage unit. Some chap was taking out the 'racking' inside the vehicle which was seem to have been welded in place and making a racket across the VQ development! this individual have no ideal that people are actually working from home and that the sounds reverberates across the development! Some one from Firstport or the patrol should have asked him to move the vehicle to a garage or none residential area to carry out this work!! :( :(

On the topic of the main barrier gate at night, this should have been done a long time ago, as I understand one of the main reason why it was left up late at night, was the 'guard on duty' was being woken up at night with people coming into the estate! hold on! they are suppose to be on night watch, we aren't paying First Port for him to 'Sleep on the Job' and get paid for it - totally unacceptable. This is going back a few years, before Gerald became the Development Manager and well before we had the influx of food delivery mopeds in and out of the estate. I experience delivery mopeds using the side pavement as way to leave VQ as they stupid enough not to wait, or realise that the barrier/gate is pressure/weight activated.. Dumb ass!!  >:( >:(

Like many resident,  I was also really angry the other security barrier/gate at the other end of VQ has been demolished either by accident or by collision. Hope we have CCTV video of the incident and can prosecute the driver who literally took out the barrier, unbelievable >:( >:(

Does anyone have any more information on what actually happened?
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: Fizz on October 27, 2021, 07:42:04 PM
I don't know what happened, I just saw the car on the grass the evening it happened.  I think it was a blue renaut?  The damage was fairly extensive on one side so I can only assume it must have been moving at speed.   Wasn't at home at the time, otherwise would have probably heard the bang.  I assume their insurance will have to cover the cost (assuming they have insurance!)
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: Fizz on November 20, 2021, 09:47:32 AM
So the new exit barrier lasted a few weeks and has been knocked down again.  Very suspicious.
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: The Dome Ranger on November 20, 2021, 07:21:02 PM
Absolutely crazy. And we keep paying for repairs.
They have always bought cheap and often with the barriers at that exit, though the new one looked slightly better.
They must have had CCTV of the previous suspicious crash into the barrier and should try to claim some damages from the car driver, though presumably the driver can't afford the cost.
Anyone know what happened this time, another crash from a crazed driver, was it pushed over, or did it blow over in the breeze?
Title: Re: Visitor Parking spaces
Post by: geoffv on November 21, 2021, 02:16:54 PM
If enough people complain to FirstPort in Luton they might do something about the Dog Service/Ambulances etc.