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General Discussion / Re: Service charges
« Last post by geoffv on March 24, 2019, 06:26:41 PM »
Why an extension. there's a lot of empty space
General Discussion / Re: Service charges
« Last post by Christopher Newport on March 24, 2019, 02:22:48 PM »
If you consider the amount of capital expenditure undertaken recently it might not be too surprising. Quite a few "projects" were undertaken during the previous development manager's time. Various of them noted on this forum previously.

Of course, the capital expenditure (big lump cost) is one thing.  But then operating costs and maintenance come with things on an annual basis that recur.

I believe there has been a proposal by FirstPort to build an extension to the concierge office.
General Discussion / Service charges
« Last post by Sunshine on March 21, 2019, 11:36:25 AM »
Has anyone noticed the service charges have just rocketed upwards.

An increase to about 3500 for Service charge.  Then add on Ground rent takes the annual cost to 3800?!
Classifieds / Domestic cleaning services
« Last post by JN on March 10, 2019, 03:31:32 PM »

We need domestic cleaning services for our flat. Is there any good cleaner available?

Would appreciate if anyone can please share contacts?

General Discussion / Re: Ground Rent review clause
« Last post by JN on March 10, 2019, 03:29:35 PM »
I have received a letter from E&M for payment of 311 for annual rental . I was away during the time when we received the letter for increase in charges.

is there a way in which we can challenge them now? Its an increase of more than 100%

Need suggestions

Useful Information / Re: Anyone got a good cleaner at VQ?
« Last post by JN on March 10, 2019, 03:16:20 PM »

Do you have contact details for any cleaner?

Classifieds / Parking space available in Wingfield court
« Last post by Michelle Singh on March 03, 2019, 07:49:43 AM »
Hello All

I have a parking space available in Wingfield court, available immediately.

Contact number 07920517583

General Discussion / Blue Budgie
« Last post by The Dome Ranger on March 02, 2019, 09:58:48 PM »
There was a blue budgie flying around Virginia Quay this afternoon.
At one point I saw it land on a 1st floor balcony at Studley Court.
Very chirpy, but presumably escaped from a gage somewhere.
Hope it got home if it was missing from anyone local.
General Discussion / Re: Ground Rent review clause
« Last post by geoffv on March 01, 2019, 06:36:28 PM »
Me too although I'm in the UK.

The problem I see that E&M have access to expensive lawyers/surveyors/etc and the cost of this would fall on us.

I have a problem with what they do for their money as it appears they don't control building works except to say what you can do.

I will never buy a flat again where E&M or First Port are involved.

General Discussion / Re: Ground Rent review clause
« Last post by gperowne on February 28, 2019, 04:33:15 AM »
Has there been any remotely successful outcome regarding any of this? I own a flat in Atlantic Court and am overseas. I am on paperless billing. They neglected to email me anything about the increase and today I recieved the half year demand for 233.54 (467.08 for full year) instead of the normal 75.
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